Kat Cat Intarsia

Handmade Intarsia-Custom Orders

These are patterns that I have created for the art form of Intarsia.

They will be Emailed to you.. 



When ordering a pattern verify the pattern that you are ordering in a EMail to me after your purchase.  EMail address katcatcreations@gmail.com

Purchase an 8.5" x 11" copy that is EMailed directly to you

 Cost per pattern   $8.50      








 18" x 20" Cougar

 59 Pieces Intermediate                                    











9 1/2"  Little Hoot Owl

 50 Pieces Intermediate



















 11" Spotted Owl

  65 Pieces Intermediate



    14" Snowy Eggretts

     40 Pieces Intermediate  











  14" Gorilla

   73 Pieces Intermediate level    











   10" Peace Doves

   104 Pieces Advanced 

  13" Parrots   117 Pieces   Advanced 

   Revised stained glass pattern


















  14" Panda Bear  70 Pieces

  Beginner Level


11 1/2"  Bull Dog  86 Pieces

Advanced Level












 11" 57 Chevy Nomad  59 Pieces

Intermediate Level









16"  Saras Sail Boat  6 Pieces

Beginner Level


















 13"Ring Tailed Doves  62 Pieces

 Intermediate Level













14" Angel with Horn 58 Pieces

 Intermediate Level















  13" Flying Dragon  94 Pieces

Advanced Level










   16"  Sparrow Hawk  65 Pieces

  Intermediate Level















  13" Sitting Dragon   50  Pieces

  Intermediate Level














    17 1/8"  Flamingo Scene

   92 Pieces  Expert level 








New Patterns

                         13"  Jesus Expert

                     12" Jesus with crown of thorns   Expert

















Fire Tiger  Expert

Wood Peckers


Golden Fronted Wood Pecker 























Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

















Red Shafted Flicker