Kat Cat Intarsia

Handmade Intarsia-Custom Orders

This is the work area in my garage. The area isn't huge but adequate for my intarsia needs.  I also have a full set of tools in my shop including a planer, jointer, large flap sander, bandsaw, radial arm and table saw and drill press.


Here's  one of the wood storage areas in my garage.

Since you use the different woods to "paint" your picture it is important to keep the wood organized so that you can find the needed woods required for the projects that you are working on.

I'm always looking for new woods that I can use in my art work.

The chest in the foreground is made from Tennessee aromatic cedar  with some fretwork humming birds used for decoration.






Here's my work area. I have a Dewalt 688 saw, small drill press with various sanding mops and sleeves, spindle sander, dremel, small palm sander, and a flex shaft rotary carving unit.

I do the all the finishing in the house in my craft area which is kept free of dust.