Kat Cat Intarsia

Handmade Intarsia-Custom Orders

38" Eagle Judy Gale Roberts Pattern. Made with Cedars, Walnut, Cocobola, and Aspen wood


My name is Kathy. I live on the coast of Oregon. I started making things in wood in 1989. I am completely self taught and found that woodworking allowed me to challenge myself with each new project. I've always been "Crafty" having worked with leather, cloth, wax, pottery, and many other mediums.

 When I found woodworking I fell in love. I made cabinets, tables, shelves or anything I could find wood for. Years later I tried my hand at Intarsia. I was facinated with the attention to detail it took to complete each piece. I made two pieces, a tiger that had 100+ pieces from a Judy Gale Roberts Pattern and a Dragon from a pattern a friend drew for me. Then I had a house fire and lost everything I had in one hour!!!!!

When I got back on my feet I bought a Dewalt 788 scroll saw. I didn't have a house yet but I had my saw and I was determined to make another Intarsia picture of a tiger for my house.  It was two years later in 2004 when I finally got into my own house once again. When I started to scroll again I was hooked. I love it!!!! I look at almost everything as a potiential intarsia project. I want to push my creativity to the fullest and love new challenges in my art work.

I hope you'll find something here that you like, but feel free to ask about a custom piece that I can make just for you. My goal is to bring heartfelt hand made art to your home. If you have comments or questions I can be contacted at katcatcreations@gmail.com Thank you for visiting my site.